How Does AppPresser Work? (Details + Webinar)

Let’s use an example.

I have a website with a membership plugin and LearnDash installed, and I want that plus some WordPress posts in my app.

First, I purchase AppPresser. I install the AppPresser core plugin and add-ons, and theme on my site. Nothing changes on my normal website, because AppPresser is only active inside the app.

Next I login to my visual app builder and create a new app. Now I can choose what pages from my site I want in the app. For example, I want my BuddyPress activity feed, so I add the url to my activity page in my app menu. I also want my LearnDash courses, so I create a custom WP-API based page for that. (You will learn how to make these specific pages later)

I choose to add a login button to my menu so users can login/out, or register on my site. After that I change the colors, add my icon and splash screens, and build the app. I can preview it in the browser, or user PhoneGap Build to test on my device.

You can see exactly how this works in the webinar video below.


The webinar below goes through a full app build from scratch so you can see how everything works.