Linking Between App Pages

Since there are a few different page types, linking from one app page to another takes a few different forms.

Link from a WordPress page to an app page

Add a link inside your WordPress iframe page that links to a page in the app. Add this code in a WordPress post or page.

Link to a page in your side menu:

<a href="#" data-applink="2">Menu 2</a>

Link to a tab page:

<button data-apptablink="1">Tab Menu 1</button>

The number in the link refers to the menu item position, starting with 0.

For example, the first page in your menu would be 0, the second page 1, etc.

Link from a custom HTML page to another page (must be in the menu)

In this case you are creating a custom HTML page and you want to link to another app page.

First add a button to the page:

<button ion-button>Visit Page</button>

Now add a click function in that button:

<button ion-button (click)="pushPage( pages.menus.items[0] )">Visit Page</button>

Based on your menu, the page you are linking to will change.

For side menus, use pages.menus.items[]. For a tab menu, use pages.tab_menu.items[] as shown below.

<button ion-button (click)="pushPage( pages.tab_menu.items[1] )">Visit Page</button>

The number refers to menu items, starting with 0. The first item is 0, second is 1, and so on.

If you do not want a back button, use openPage instead of pushPage:

<button ion-button (click)="openPage( pages.menus.items[3] )">Visit Page</button>