Pages – Custom Pages, WordPress Pages, and More

You can add several types of pages to your app, which gives you lots of flexibility.

Here’s a rundown of what type of pages you can use, and when to use them.

WordPress content

There are a few different ways to show content from your WordPress site.

Do you need custom plugin content, or interactive site content to display?

This would include BuddyPress, LearnDash, WooCommerce, a form, custom shortcodes, or basically anything that is not normal text and images on your WordPress site.

Use a WordPress page. Add these to your app by going to Menus => WordPress/External link and add the full page url.

You can use all WordPress pages if you like, but if you want to get more advanced you can use the other page types as well.

Want to show a list of posts but don’t have any custom interactivity on the post page?

Just normal text and images, nothing fancy.

Use an API list page. API lists are faster, and are cached offline, but they can’t use interactivity like a form.

To add these, visit Custom Pages and create a WP-API list. Enter the full API route and save.

Next go to your menu and add this page under custom pages.

Offline Pages, Custom HTML, Custom API Layouts

Want to make a page that loads really fast, and works offline? Or a custom layout for your API lists?

Use a custom HTML page. Click here for details.

We’ll go into more detail about each page type in later lessons.